The Yak's Online Big Brother Game Season 3 Move In July 8th!

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Yakbb Yak Big Brother: Rules & Regulations


Diary Room Sessions
Each Wednesday, there is one required Diary Room session. This session must be submitted via PM, and you will receive a PM on Tuesday evening with questions you must answer during your Diary Room session. If you wish to talk with the Diary Room immediately, you can contact the DR via the YBB KIK account. In your KIK sessions, you can talk about whatever you like. Share your inner most thoughts on the game, alliances, all the juicy behind the scenes wheeling and dealing that the viewers and production can’t see. You will receive penalty points for failure to submit your DR’s. You are welcome to do as many sessions as you’d like. The more time you spend in the DR, the better. You can also use the KIK Diary Room as your 24/7 link to the Production Staff. We are always available to take your questions or hear your thoughts! We will also be using the DR to ask you questions for live shows and to share with the fans through the YBB Insider Arena.

Penalty Points
Penalty Points will be given when a houseguest fails to submit their weekly Diary Room session, fails to compete in a challenge, or fails to vote in a live eviction. A Houseguests who ears a total of 3 penalty points will receive a penalty nomination or a penalty vote if they are already on the block.

Goodbye Messages
On Wednesday of each week, the Houseguests are required to submit goodbye messages for both nominees. The Houseguests who are on the block, will submit a “GBM” for their fellow nominee. These messages will not be shared with the other Houseguests until the game has ended. However, the messages will be sent out to the fans via YBB Insider. We encourage you to make them entertaining, just like those seen on the show!

The YBB House Thread
What is the YBB House thread exactly? Well, it’s your virtual Big Brother House for the season! Get to know your fellow Houseguests and entertain your fans. All the scheming and alliance talk may take place behind the scenes in PM’s and other forms of communication, but we want you to air your dirty laundry in the House. Upset with someone? Bring it to the YBB House thread! Want to call out alliances or sketchy alliance members? Do it in the House thread! The YBB House thread is the 24/7 outlet for viewers to follow the game. You're playing a game, but we're watching all the time, so entertain us.

A typical week in the YBB House will consist of two competitions: the Head of Household (HOH) and Power of Veto (POV). You will have 24 hours to complete the veto competition, and the HOH competition will be held live during Thursday night chats, just like the show! Results for the POV will be revealed at the end of the 24 hour time limit. Results will be posted earlier depending on when everyone has completed the competition. A typical season includes one endurance competition, but don't be surprised if there are more. You will be given adequate notice of this (at least 24 hours) and all endurance style competitions will be formatted to fit the online format. Occasionally, a luxury competition will pop up in the Big Brother House. When this happens, the POV competition format will be used. Meaning a 24 hour time limit will be in effect.

LIVE Shows
LIVE shows will take place on Thursday nights in the YBB designated chat room in our very own YakChat here on the site. The shows will take place at a time to be agreed upon by production and the HouseGuests at the start of the season. At this time, we will hold our LIVE eviction show that will follow the exact format of the CBS show. We will conclude the show with the LIVE HOH competition. In the event that everyone can not be in attendance for a LIVE show, an announcement will be issued and other arrangements will be made. This will include the implementation of a 24 hour timed HOH competition and a pre-vote to be revealed by Mikey via post in the house thread. During LIVE shows, we will conduct the vote LIVE in our chat. When it is your turn to vote, you will simply right-click Mikey’s name from the list on the right, select PM and send him the name of the nominee you have chosen to evict.

Below is the typical schedule of a LIVE show:
1. Show Open – Mikey Recaps the YBB Week
2. Houseguest Greeting and Q&A
3. Commercial Break – 1:15 so that everyone can regroup
4. LIVE Voting Begins
5. Commercial Break – 1:15
6. Eviction Results
7. Exit Interview
8. Commercial Break – 1:15
9. HOH Competition
10. Commercial Break – 1:15
11. Closing

The Jury
At a certain time in the game, all evicted HouseGuests will become members of the Big Brother Jury. If you are lucky enough to make it to the jury, you will gain access to the YBB Jury House thread - similar to the regular House thread, that can only be seen by the jury members and fans. Here you will deliberate with your fellow jury members on who should win Yak Big Brother. You will be required to continue your weekly DR sessions while in the jury house, attend a LIVE jury questioning of the Final 2, and finally at the Season Finale, you will be required to cast a vote for the winner of Yak Big Brother.

What Happens When I’m Evicted?
Upon eviction, the evicted HouseGuest will have approximately one minute (this will be timed) to say their goodbyes to their fellow HouseGuests. They will then take part in the exit interview conducted by Sheldon which will be seen by their fellow HouseGuests. Upon the conclusion of the exit interview, the evictee will be “banned” from the chat room and can not return until after the show. After the show, a member of the YBB Staff will initiate a chat with the evicted HouseGuest to conduct an in depth interview that will be released via YBB Insider to the viewers. The evictee will receive his/her goodbye messages within the hour of eviction via PM. Evictees are to have zero game related contact with the remaining HouseGuests following eviction. This is even more important during the jury stage!

Finale Night
The LIVE finale show will follow the format of our weekly LIVE shows and the LIVE CBS finale. More information, including the Season Finale date, will be available as the season draws to a close.

Accounts to Follow

Please add the following to your Twitter and KIK friends list

1. YBBDiaryRoom – Your 24/7 link to the Diary Room
2. YBB_Sheldon – Host & Executive Producer, Sheldon
3. MissSouthernLady – Executive Producer, Kel
4. LisaLu4u - Diary Room Director, Lisa

@YakBigBrother @Exodus_Reject @MissSouthernYak @YakkityYaks

Weekly Schedule: (Subject to Changes as Required)

Thursday: LIVE SHOW – Eviction and H.O.H
Friday: Nominations – P.O.V Player Selection
Saturday: P.O.V Competition
Sunday: P.O.V Competition Results
Monday: P.O.V Meeting
Tuesday: Free Day to Relax or Plan
Wednesday: Diary Room Session and Goodbye Messages Due
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