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TheArtistFrmlyKnownAs 11-19-2017 10:51 PM

Just watched the complete Pink/Kelly performance. Both were great but Kelly was effortless. I donno I love both but Kelly doesn't have to belt to get an emotional reaction out of me.


Pink even said she thought Kelly had a heads up on her.

Still an amazing performance by 2 amazing vocalists.

Mystycl 11-20-2017 05:03 AM


Originally Posted by TheArtistFrmlyKnownAs (Post 539822)
Missed the beginning of the BG Tribute. Did they talk about it? Or did Christina just sing?

I Will Always Love You was not good but she was really good on the other 3 songs.

Loved her shout outs to Whitney.

IF anyone else is a fan of the Bodyguard soundtrack check out the 25th anniversary edition "I Wish You Love - More From the Bodyguard Soundtrack"

Whitney rarely sang Run To You live and there was never a recording released of it until now! It was at the very end of her Bodyguard world tour so as you can imagine her voice was a bit strained but the emotion she puts into it. WOW
Her lower register was just sublime!


Here is Whitney performing at the AMA's 24 years ago for the BG soundtrack.


Sorry y'all just on a Whitney kick right now LOL

I was pissed that the AMA's did not do a tribute to her after her death. Considering she has won more AMA's than any other female (That bitch Taylor Swift will break that record :p) And tied with MJ as the most in one night.

just WOW
thank you for these ♥ ♥

requiem 11-20-2017 04:32 PM

I loved Pink’s solo performance. That was jaw dropping.

I agree with you artist...Christina didn’t nail the first song but was great on the other 3.

I loved Kelly’s solo performance. I need to see her in concert ASAP!

Diana Ross was also fabulous ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Still trying to find performances :-)

19wingz 11-20-2017 08:53 PM


Originally Posted by TheArtistFrmlyKnownAs (Post 539824)
If you were bored then you may be old. (I was bored too ) LOL

Kelly was incredible!

Pink put on a good visual show! But at this point I am over watching her in a harness. I would rather hear her live vocals (which are amazing) than watch her flip around.

At 73 Diana Ross is still gorgeous and she sang live at that age!

Oh I know. I'm old as hell for this show. I need Kelly to announce her tour, so I can finally see her.

And I'm with you on Pink. I think it was fun to watch and how wild would it have been to be in those hotel rooms? But I am over the flying bit.

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