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grandmamichelf 04-04-2020 07:09 PM

I"d like to see Sophie and Michelle gone along with Tony. Although Tony does entertain me.
I like Jeremy.
Glad to know the EOE will be gone. It's an annoying part of the game.

And I don't care what Sandra says on Twitter. She quit because she wasn't going to win. And she didn't even compete in the challenges. She ALWAYS sat out. Queen my ass. She was no queen.

requiem 04-16-2020 05:13 AM

Not sure I had cried that much on a survivor episode in a while. It was pretty heartwarming to see all those families together. Was a little bummed that they opted not to give Natalie screen time with her loved one and that baby. Who was the woman? Is Natalie a lesbian? Is that her baby? I HAVE QUESTIONS!!

I canít say enough how great this season has been. The previous two seasons had me wondering if I just wasnít as excited about the show anymore, this one has me back in line.

What do we think of Jeremy using that ďleave tribalĒ advantage when his numbers were really counting on him. Good short term move, terrible long?

Thought Kim was finally having a moment at tribal. When those first two Denise votes were read, I was shouting at the tv. SOOO GOOD!! We had the leave tribal, a steal a vote and a hidden idol all played tonight.

If Iím not mistaken, that means the only advantage left is Sophieís idol?

Looking like a final 5 of Ben, Nick, Tony, Sarah and Sophie...with 2 variables.
1) Ben & Nick realize this puts them at 4th and 5th and make a move. Sarah & Tony are together. Sarah and Sophie are together. Based on current paths, this seems like the likely final 3.
2) Tony reverts back to how he played the first season he played and then all rules are out...and based on the next week preview, this is REALLY possible.

requiem 04-16-2020 05:15 AM

The only thing that will ruin this season for me is if Michelle or Nick win. They have played the exact same games that made me feel they didnít earn their win (against Aubrey and Mike respectively.) A little harsh I know, but I really hope someone is rewarded for playing full tilt.

grandmamichelf 04-17-2020 06:29 PM

I loved that episode. It was so wonderful to see not only one family member, but kids. So cool!

I can't stand a Sarah, Michelle, Sophie win. I don't mind Nick. I hate that Tyson got voted off.
I think Jeremy did the right thing because he was gone for sure.
I hate that tribal council has become these gatherings. Just so strange to me. I like it before all the 'get up and whisper' shit.

requiem 04-18-2020 05:31 AM

I use to like the tribal whispers, but itís overplayed at this point. I want in on the fun and the whispering leaves me out as a viewer.

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