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Mystycl 11-15-2020 09:22 AM

ALL-STAR Receiving Death Threats!

Memphis Garrett took a bit of heat during Big Brother All-Stars because a lot of fans did not appreciate the way he continually targeted houseguest David Alexander, calling Garrett racist because of it. Since he has been out of the house, fans have been making their feelings known to him and he revealed in an Instagram video on Friday, November 13 that he has been receiving death threats online.

Garrett Says Donít Carry Hate Around in Your Heart

In his video, Garrett said that he turned comments on for his social media posts and there is ďstill a lot of hate coming throughĒ in the form of ďcrazy messages and death threats.Ē But he just wants to promote a message of love.

ďSomeone once told me this ó Itís a lot harder to carry hate in your heart than it is to carry love,Ē said Garrett, adding, ďBut you know what? If I have to be their punching bag and they want to get a point across, by all means. You still will get blocked. But itís surprising people have that much hate in their heart. I donít hate anyone.Ē

Garrett also wanted to address two things that people mistakenly think are Confederate symbols. The first is the hat he wore on the show all the time, which he clarified is the state flag of Florida, and the flag in the background of his video, which is the Betsy Ross flag from 1776 during the Revolutionary War where the 13 stars in a circle represent the 13 original colonies.

For what itís worth, Alexander has not called Garrett a racist for targeting him. He told US Weekly he thought Garrett just didnítí like him.

ďMemphis just doesnít like me. I think Iím just a very considerate and nice person in the house. He wanted somebody more mean? I donít know. I donít know why he targeted me so much. Maybe Iím just too cool for school. I donít know. I hope he doesnít win though,Ē said Alexander in his exit interview.

Garrett Also Wants His Followers to Check Out the Dean Browning Story

There is also a weird thing coming out of Pennsylvania politics where Dean Browning, a former commissioner in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, posted a message to Twitter that he is a gay Black man ó though Browning is a conservative, straight white man. And then Patti LaBelleís son got involved. Read about it here, itís wild.

Garrett had this to say about it, ďThis is probably the craziest sh*t that I have heard and read in a long time, but Iíll let you do your own research Ö thereís this guy Dean Browning whoís a Pennsylvania politician. Google his name and Google what happened to him this week and watch this story. It is the craziest story Iíve heard in weeks. I donít know what it is with middle-aged white dudes, but theyíre crazy because this story is nuts Ö Iím waiting for Kaysarís response because I want to see what his insight is. I always like to talk to that man. I miss Kaysar.Ē

He also said, ďItís Friday the 13th, so you guys be careful. Itís Friday the 13th 2020, which letís see what happens today. You guys stay safe. Spread the love, not the hate.Ē

Shiny Beige 11-29-2020 06:17 PM

:zzz: I think Memphis is a very unhappy man with great PR behind him.

The season bored me too much to watch.

Mystycl 12-01-2020 07:52 AM

oh i totally agree!!!

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