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So the first episode was great! It was a double.

All the challenges were survivor classics. I assume that trend will repeat all season.

Not 100% sure how I feel about the fire tokens. Iíll wait to see how that plays out.

Iím enjoying Ben, even more so when he is shirtless. Haha. He is playing a super strange strategic game and it is interesting to watch.

Iím really impressed with Sophie. I know...WHAT?! She was super bratty and I donít completely agree that she deserved to win more than Coach. Not a Sophie fan. But something is different, I feel her energy. She has done her well. I canít believe Iím saying this...but Iím putting my episode 1 choice to win on her. #TeamSophie

Rob is playing more aggressively than I would have thought. Itís impressive, but is going to burn out quickly. Same goes for Parvati. Love that they teamed up, but they need to get their egos in check and play better social games.

Yul is coming off very strongly as well. I am super excited to see him back, but think he needs to chill just a bit.

Sandra is playing a much better game than the last time we seen her. I wouldnít say it is a new approach for her, but back to the more likeable Pearl Islandís girl. Oh! And she was able to purchase an Idol, so thatís going to be fun! Haha

Amber and Natalie were voted out. Canít say either of them totally thrilled me the first time so Iím happy with these eliminations.
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