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Okay, this is for people who have watched the show because it may contain spoilers.

My wife and I just caught up and watched the Sunday episode live. Here are my thoughts.

1. My two favorite characters are Carson and the dowager, especially the latter. I've loved Maggie Smith since I was a kid and she is such a treasure. She's steals every single scene like it's nothing. One of the best characters in television history. My third favorite has become Mrs. Patmore, who seems to know everything that's going on.

2. Also like Mrs. Hughes, Bates, Anna, Matthew, Mary, and until he started becoming a boob, Lord Grantham. And even though they are villains and are supposed to be hated, I think O'Brian and Thomas are fabulous. O'Brian has those lifeless shark eyes and Thomas is actually a wonderful actor who has big things ahead of him. Oh, and I loved the creepiness of Sir Anthony, the one armed guy that Edith was stalking.

3. The character I dislike the most is Cora. She walks around like she's half stoned all the time. I just despise her. I also can't stand Daisy. Her vapidity is annoying. I hated Branson for awhile but it looks like he's starting to be a nice guy. I don't like Isobel but for some reason she's on the screen as much as anybody. And don't even get me started with Ethel. Who gives a damn about her?

4. Some story lines hurt the show a bit. Bates was awesome in the first season then they shoved the whole prison thing down our throats for too long. He was my favorite in the first season and maybe he will be up there again now that he's out of prison. I like his smarts and his kind eyes. And the whole Isobel and Ethel thing couldn't be more annoying. I also hate how they turned Lord Grantham into an insipid little weasel. He was such a good guy in the first season and I loved that because they could take the usual route and make him not care about the staff. The whole Sybil and Branson thing was annoying, too. Sybil was smoking hot but by the time she died I was happy for it because she was becoming annoying. Not as annoying as her husband, but annoying just the same.

5. What's also interesting is how fast things moved. It's unreal how much happens in a single episode. Hell, they went through the five year long World War 1 in just six episodes!!

6. I won't spoil it for anybody who hasn't heard about next week's episode, but it's a game changer. The fans in England were furious. I don't know what they're going to do with next season now. Anything can happen. They just have to stop killing people off or they'll be nobody left to care about.
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