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People definitely need to remember that. I think for me it boils down to: protest, but you also need to remember that people are watching. Do it peacefully. I don't care if you march. Start throwing moltov cocktails? Lines get crossed. It says a hell of a lot more to peacefully protest and drive your protest in. I'm over all the attacking all over the place on personal lines. And the fucking memes - not witty. You supported Trump. I don't know why, but, to each their own. I'm not going to sit there and castigate you. It bears no fruits. One, I have better things to do than eviscerate your beliefs. Two, what the fuck is it gonna solve?

I get that people are scared, myself included. Don't give the right a reason to fear you. Exist peacefully; demonstrate that they are coming for peaceful sects of society. And if the time comes where the presidency with the legislative branch and judicial arm try to bear their full weight upon you?

That's when you get rowdy.
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