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Originally Posted by requiem View Post
Okay....let me first say that although not an American, I was rooting for Clinton.

Now let me say as a human...The Clinton supporters have shown in the past few days that the basket of deplorables is seemingly for both sides of the political spectrum.

Passion is one thing.....destruction of property is not. Continuing to insult people who voted for him is not okay. Being unrelenting in your views to the point you are not listening to anyone outside of your chior is not okay. These are the same people that already decided to chastise Trump had he now bowed down gracefully had he lost.

I get it. Anger, frustration, sadness, loss of hope....That doesn't give excuse to behave in a manner that you have been fighting against for the past two years. Trump lost, it sucks....But channel your dissatisfaction into something that could inspire hope, not something that inspires fear and gives all those Trump supporters the smug saskfaction that you are no better than them.

I'm not defending trump, but at this point...I would be going against my values to defend Clinton.
There was a group of "peaceful" protesters that shut down one side of a major interstate in Iowa City. In my mind, those people are idiots. They could have caused accidents and also could have prevented ambulances from doing what they needed to do. People need to calm down -- we've survived 44 presidents and we'll survive this one.
Hope for the best and prepare for the worst!

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