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When they announced the list of returning winners, 4 of them stood out as people that I didnít think really earned a ďWinners At WarĒ title.

2 of the 4 were eliminated last week. Amber who rode coat tails on her win and Natalie who I respect, but she won in a season where virtually everyone was unfamiliar with the game.

This week, we lost another! Danni, goodbye! This girl didnít stand out in her season, being completely outplayed by Stephanie and Raif. Nice enough woman, but she REALLY stood out as someone who wasnít going to be able to keep up.

If we lose Michelle next week, then Iím completely stacked for the rest of the season. Haha.

As for this weeks thoughts...

Rob is impressive. I canít help but repeat that. Impressive. His hold on this tribe is weird and getting everyone to open their bags at tribal was a masterclass. He is still setting himself up too high, but itís fun to watch until then.

But the bag revel also really solidified how I feel Denise is doing here. She is a smart and thoughtful woman who is laying seeds and building her foundations. Her ability to hide that idol during the bag search was phenomenal thinking under pressure.

Sophie and Denise. 2 to watch out for.

Iím not a big Tony fan. He deserves to be here, just not a huge fan. But gosh he is entertaining. The ladder was crazy pants. Haha. I had completely forgot that Tony and Sarah has played together in the past. It seems like everyone else has as well. Could be great for both of them.

Iím hoping that the EOE doesnít provide too many advantages. It seems like there is a lot going around after just 3 eliminations.

Oh! KIM!! I have to mention how awful she is playing this season. Trusting Sophie with the 2nd half of that idol over Tyson?! What!? I get her intention to build trust, but that was not even remotely well thought out.

Till next week!

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