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Originally Posted by 19wingz View Post
Uh oh. That's not a good sign. They invested a whole 365 days to that show. It is actually quite entertaining but I think people are finally realizing that it could just be the same old without any added competitions or change in the everyday life.
Which is why I think they're trying new things like eliminating someone and replacing them with another person. It's a great concept of a show, but I don't know if it's enough to keep it going by itself. It seems like it needs something to attract more attention to it.

I loved The Colony when it was on, but that was only weekly and for a limited run, so the unending storyline of this show may be the reason people aren't drawn to it. If they feel they can tune in at any time to watch people live their lives and build a new society, why tune in this week? There's always next week...

Originally Posted by 19wingz View Post
What sucks for Fox is they were supposed to actually drop the Friday telecast 6 weeks in and just keep it on Tuesdays.
This is definitely not a good sign for the show. Established shows like Shark Tank can handle Fridays, but to relegate Utopia to Fridays only seems like they're just going to let it slowly die out.
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