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Yakcrazy Marriage Equality

Blog by Sphinx

I typically try and keep these posts light-hearted or about life in general, but today…I’m going to tackle an issue that in some way affects us all personally:* Marriage Equality.* I am not labeling it ‘gay marriage’ because there is no such thing about making ‘marriage’ gay.* It is about bringing equality to all that deserve it.* This nation was founded upon the premises of equality for all, but rather than go into the legal aspects of it.* I want to ask certain questions:

Why should this even go before the Supreme Court, determining the fate of whether or not I have the ability to get married?* 9 people, whose opinions shape my very ability to get married?* Why should these people decide such a matter, when after all, it’s mine whether or not to pursue such a monogamous relationship?* And what disgusts more is cretin like Antonin Scalia making comments that it’s okay for Coloradans to be openly hostile to homosexuals (re:* Romer v. Evans).* I have no words that this man represents the justice of the Constitution.

Second, on what grounds can one legitimately oppose gay marriage?* Morality is determined by the Bible, which is strictly outlawed by the Constitution under the Establishment Clause.* Second, if you oppose it because of ‘tradition’, whose tradition is that?* Society changes as does culture.* The LGBT community is out of hiding and is prominent in many ways affecting lives more than simply ‘getting married.’* We are your best friends, your family members, the adoptive parents of your sons/daughters child born out of wedlock.* At the end of the day, isn’t a relationship about love?* So, thereby, by opposing gay marriage one doesn’t support more love in this world.* That’s reprehensible.

Third, why wish for the states to have the single say?* This is not simply an issue of ‘state’s rights’ and that’s a way for the traditionally conservative states to hide behind tradition.* If I got married in Maryland or Massachusetts, they will recognize the marriage.* Yet, if I were to move to Ohio…it wouldn’t be recognized.* How can we have numerous states with their own laws, when it is governed at both a federal and a state level?* It is a matter that needs to be handled by the federal government, as it affects everyone.

While those are the common issues, I want to point out certain things yet still that are not questions.

Taxes – joint filing.* Marriage is encouraged through the federal government for taxation purposes.* So, because we’re gay we can be openly discriminated against?* What about kids killing themselves over the bullying that is occurring due to intolerance?* We should embrace a culture of tolerance and acceptance.

So, sitting there, stating that marriage equality will ruin the institution of marriage; I ask, how?* That is a question that has no legitimate answer.* Hiding behind tradition for fear of change is revolting.* This world has never moved forward by obliging itself to the status quo.* As the Supreme Court hears the cases this week and subsequently hands down a ruling this June, it boils down to one thing:* love.
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