Stranded with a Million Dollars Season one MTV

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Can someone just take a machete to that tent already?! I'm totally serious...It's time to start playing a little bit dirty here and help your numbers because your current situation isn't going to be maintainable.

I hate this four person alliance. Sure, they respectfully didn't take the temptation but it's hard to respect that when they get peanut butter over a tarp (or nothing). What they are doing to Cody, Chris and the girl pisses me off. Endlessly. Their attitudes stink and I really want the minority to start taking some dramatic steps to find even ground.

That trek to camp two was nuts!!!! I honestly didn't think they were going to get the $100,000 on this one. When it got to that steep incline, I thought....nope!! Lol. These treks would KILL me.

The little arguement with the two girls was delightful. Childish, but delightful. I like to see Makali push some buttons and I honestly think she is going to do something durastic soon. Taking the food and the pot was only the start.

"What are you gonna do about it?"

Just you wait and see!!!!! I am team Makali 100% at this point and I'm starting to love Cody. His compassion towards Chris throughout the episode was really nice and how that he has been humbled, I'm enjoying this side of him.

I'm actually a little shocked that Chris is out, but I get it. That rain would be tough everyday. Your shelter caving in at night would be tough. Being on the outside in a situation like this would be tough. I will actually miss him on he show. I was enjoying his redemption from douche hood. Lol

Ps....Gina is still here. Lol.
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