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Default Deadliest Catch - Season 7 - The Island

Welcome back everyone to the greatest reality show out there, Deadliest Catch! Just three episodes to go in this season, man it’s gone by fast! Last week we saw more of Opie season, which obviously continues tonight. So just what will this week bring? Let’s find out….

It opens with the guys talking about Opie season, how it’s hard to fish the season, the harbor is hard to go into, St. Paul being the Alcatraz of the Bering Sea and Keith wouldn’t wish it on his worst enemy…and then it’s Jovi time!

Early morning, St Paul harbor, Alaska. The Wizard is five hours into an offload. Keith has off-loaders getting seasick in the tank b/c a 20 foot swell is wreaking havoc at the dock. Keith asks Mouse to get a line dealt with. And then the line snaps. Freddie is told to get the spring line, a surge is tearing up their tie up line and if they loose too many they have to stop the offload. They have to get it tightened up. Keith says some of the lines on a day like today are like dental floss, if the crab on board die then Keith loses $800K. Keith calls to the crew, or tries to but no one is there and Kieth is TICKED. HE yells at them to get on the radio, and calls Mouse up as he’s the blind leading the blind. Mouse comes up and Keith tells him to get the processor to break out a big line…Mouse tries to tell him what to do and Keith yells at him. Instead of fixing lines too thin he borrows a six inch line from the processor. The big lines from the dock will tie the boat up so it doesn’t break. The crew works to do so, and Keith tells them to watch their fingers. It’s tight now. They seem to be okay. If they break those lines they’d have to leave. With the boat finally secure the offload can continue. Mouse tells Keith it’s under control for the time being and he’s going to change. Keith says it’s going to be a long day and can guarantee if they don’t stay on top of things they’ll chase broken lines. He hates St. Paul…

On the Northwestern, the deckhands have been grinding for 24 hours for an offload they have in one day. Sig says this is the home stretch and wants them to stay focused, not take it for granted. They’re on the last lap. Jake says they’re behind and now they’re being crammed down their throats. They have to get at least 100 pots, if not 150. Sig needs the guys at the top of their game. They’re trying to race through as fast as possible and if Matt can’t hit the first time they’re done. Sig says if Matt doesn’t get it the first time, he loses it. An that’s what happens. Sig says he doesn’t know why Matt is on the hook b/c he can’t throw it. Jake says now he knows how Edgar felt. Matt’s misses slows the pace to a crawl. Sig says he can’t do this anymore, he gets angry when he sees stuff like that. Matt says the louder hailer won’t get him, he’s been hearing it for 15 years. Matt misses again, Sig says that’s it! Matt lost visual too. Sig asks if he has to back up, Matt says the trailer was right there. Sig says it’s always Matt and Jake thinks he got it in the prop so they could lose that prop. Sig is pissed! Yells he’s sick of him, and over the loudspeaker says they’re gonna go, but just then Matt says on the port side it popped up. Nick says it chopped up the line but the buoy is there. Sig drives at it again and Matt prays to get it this time….and he does. Sig asks why they have to be so messed up, but after one hour and a half dozen misses…Mat is replaced on the rail. Jake gets it and Sig praises him. Jake says this is his bread and butter. Things are starting to smooth out according to Sig, Jake’s throwing the hook aggressive and now they have to concentrate on keeping a steady pace. You can tell Matt is out of practice, Sig says, but it makes him happy b/c they have to build on Jake. Tells Jake he’s turning into a pro.

Now we’re at the Seabrooke. The pots are coming up with great numbers. Captain Campbell has his gear on BIG numbers. But he’s in no mood to celebrate thanks to his brother, Chris “Whipper” Welch. Junior says Whipper flaked out on him, was trying to teach him work ethics and give him an opportunity not many others have. 36 hours ago he said that his stomach hurt. He was fine until he talked to his new wife, and told Junior his stomach hurt. The last time this happened there was nothing wrong with him, an apparent pulled stomach muscle and he has no idea whether his brother is going to return. Has to calm down before he talks to him. The crew says Junior will try to work on his sense of pride to get him back out there. Captain Campbell calls him up, but the crew says when a guy wants to quit and they’re done, they are done. Junior asks what’s really going on, not his stomach. Wants him to come clean. Whipper says that’s what’s really going on and Junior ask how that’s so, says you can’t not work through a torn stomach muscle. Says the crew has a lot of torn muscles and he’s putting himself in a bad situation. Asks him how he’s gong to feed his family b/c when he was hurt he had to push through it. Says he has a family now and asks if he’s thought about it. Whipper says yes, so Junior says push through it for his family. Says he’s an uneducated man and there’s no work for educated people. Says he’s tough physically, but mentally is weak. Whipper says he’s going to push through it. Junior says all the guys are working as hard as he is and he’s no different than others. If there’s not a bone sticking out deal with it. Whipper says it’s crap that his brother thinks he wants to go home. Junior still thinks he’s not coming clean but if he works out the season then that’s fine.

Back to St. Paul and the Wizard, who have offloaded their crab. Second biggest trip he’s had, as hard as it was to keep the Wizard at the dock. Leaving will be harder. It’s nasty there and Keith can’t wait to leave. Greenhorn Daniel says the swells and waves could get gnarly, with Keith saying the chances of getting out without being pounded aren’t good. A shift in tides is causing 20 foot swells to surge through the waters and Keith has to get the 150 foot vessel through a very narrow passage. With only 15 feet of water under them. This is scary, and the guys are in the wheelhouse to help him, some of them. Another few waves and they’ve made it…and they finally do! Way to go Keith! There’s a whole line of waves and Keith says someone is on his side b/c not one broke.

On the Northwestern now, Sig says times like this they’re thinking why the hell didn’t I go to college? After almost 2 days of hauling gear, the men barely have enough energy to shuffle off deck. Sig knows the guys are tired, and says give them time to get a good solid rest. Before he gets his break, he has a 7 hour run to his offload in St. Paul. He’s tired, the guys are really tired, but he thinks it was worth it in the long run. You can see how tired Sig is though. Seriously tired. Two hours into the steam, Sig said we finished up riding through the night, bout to head to the island. But he’s starting to drift. He doesn’t even kn ow if he’s talking to the camera guy, as he asks him if he is. He’s talking gibberish now, you can’t make out what he’s saying at this point. And there he goes. The cam guy calls out to him, and then wakes him up. Asks if he’s okay and Sig says he’s tired. Unable to stay awake, he reaches out for help. He apologizes to Jake, who’s come up to help him. Jake Anderson takes over the helm, who says it says a lot when Sig calls him up over everyone else.

Back to the Seabrooke. The crew is in the home stretch, hauling their final 15 pots before heading to offload. Whipper is still complaining of stomach pains. He says it feels like it’s going to explode but Junior says every time they’re out for over a month he gets like this. Everyone has a point where they’re looking for excuses to get out, but usually guys do it when fishing is slow. Right now, they’re on the crab. After the final pot of the trip is sorted, the crew heads inside. Whipper goes upstairs and Junior asks him what’s up, his mind is a million miles away. Says if something’s going on at home, get it dealt with. Whipper tries to play it off, but Junior needs to know how bad the issue is. Says he’ll get hurt b/c he’s not paying attention to what’s going on, his mind is not in the game. Whipper says it’s not, Junior says to let him know if he needs time off. Whipper says his body isn’t doing good, but Junior says the issue is whether he needs to go home. Finally Whipper admits he has issues, and Junior says they’ll get him out of there, but he should’ve come clean sooner. Whipper says he has to leave after this trip b/c his family needs him. Plus, he’ll get a chance to get over his stomach. Junior is angry b/c his brother didn’t come clean with him sooner. Tell me the truth.

Now we’re at the Kodiak! Wild Bill says it’s a rare day, flat calm and sunny. He’s on hot fishing. Easy to sport a smile now! Even with crab on the table the crew is dragging. A six day flu has beaten them down. The crew is wishing for sick days at this point. Bill says a nice looking pot has come up, but midway through the string, crab come up riddled with barnacles. The crew says these crab are not presentable. Deck boss Adam McCalden doesn’t inform the skipper though and the skipper orders to set back. They continue to come on board dirty, and poor Bill isn’t aware of it. When the string ends, Adam finally comes clean to Wild Bill. His response is that it’s interesting he’s told now, Adam apologizes for it. Wild Bill says what do you do? Somewhere in t he middle, the crab transitioned from clean to tainted. He just ran 3.5 miles into the ditch on info he was given to set on these crabs. On a run between strings, Bill goes to the galley. He tells the crew there’s on sick days. Or rather, Adam. Says it’s Adam’s job and says let him know what goes on the rest of the afternoon, he knows they’re sick but if he’s not then let someone else keep him informed. He says there’s no room for anything less then the best and sees that the fire has gone out in Adam, says he’s just another deckhand.

The weather is sloppier now on the Kodiak. Bill has to haul the pots set on the dirty crab set 14 hours earlier. Deck boss Adam is taking the blame. Bill thought he was training a predecessor but he’s having doubts. Adam is frustrated. Has a lot on his mind, has a lot of peoples’ lives on the line. Bill says it’s sad b/c Adam was a personal project, and he failed. Says maybe he picked the wrong guy, so he turns his attention to his greenhorn son, Zach Larson. Zach steps up to the rail, and it’s the first time he’s throwing n a storm like this. He throws and gets it the first time! Adam says anyone can throw a hook, and says he’ll run circles around any one of them any day. Bill says the hook is the most exciting and important job, to have a guy you can trust and not have to watch makes all the difference in the world. Zach continues to do very well, Bill calls out to him that he’s doing well. Adam is jealous, says everyone knows’ he’s the captains son. Zach says he wishes it would come natural, but he’s working at it. Bill is pleased to see him step up, and the further up you are the more money you make, the less crap you have to take. With the last pot hauled and stacked, the guys head in and Adam heads to the wheelhouse. Asks for a minute with Bill, says every time he makes a move he’s baffled when it’s wrong. He just wants to make him proud, he’s stressed and seems like he’s regressing. Bill says this is why he’s dragging his feet, this season started with a lot of neglect. Adam wants to run boats, and do more. Bill says there’s been plans to show him how to run gear but there’ll be time before he does. Adam says it seems like he’s cared less, but Bill says if he didn’t care he would say move on. Adam then says then maybe he should move on, and leaves the wheelhouse. Bill says he’s put a lot of time into Adam, he was a trainwreck, but told Adam it’d be a rocky road. He’s very disappointed at this moment.

On the Seabrooke now, Whipper prepares to leave, saying he feels like he’s let the guys down…but he has to get home. Junior doesn’t get it, says it in the wheelhouse, asks why the old timers can deal with it but not the young bucks. Bob says he put a cloud over the whole operation. Coming into St. Paul they have to drop him off, then offload and beeline out for another trip. Whipper has to run fast to catch his flight. It’s an inconvenience for the boat and Whipper, but Whipper feels like he has to do it. Junior hopes he is making the right choice, but wishes his brother would stick it out.

Just outside the harbor, Jake Anderson is ready for another task on his way to being a captain. Sig’s letting him drive the boat into the harbor. Matt says its’ one of the worst harbors to come into, the weather is good but he wouldn’t do it. Sig shows him exactly how to do it, guides him through how to do it. Says once you start, you go, you can’t turn around in many spots b/c you’re going to start turning in. Jake sets a course for St. Paul dock. Nick says maybe this will go to his head, or make him better. Matt says maybe this will get him off deck b/c he doesn’t need to be me or Edgar, spend his life on the deck of a crab boat to be somebody. Sig shows him how to watch the radar and how the tides will push him.. Sig guides him how to steer the boat, how to adjust as well. Jake makes it past the point, and Sig shows him how to hug the docks to get in smoothly. Matt encourages him in. Mat points out the snapped lines from other boats. Jake eases the boat in, told ten feet by Matt. Bam! He makes it in! GOOD JOB JAKE!!!! Sig says he’s good,, the rest of the crew says he did wonderful taking it in. Sig says not too shabby, Jake says he couldn’t have done it without Sig. Jake says he was very nervous, he’s moving forward. Every day reminds him of the first grade on this boat.

It’s that time again…..”Have you seen us because our fans sure haven’t this week….it’s not Where’s Waldo, it’s where was BOTH the Time Bandit and the Cornelia Marie?”

And there’s NO other way to end a recap than this…….

Rest in peace Phil. Fair winds and may your heaven be filled with Harley’s……

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