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Default Deadliest Catch - Season 7 - Pirate School

Welcome back to Deadliest Catch, the most kick butt show on reality TV! Last week we saw the continuance of Opilio season…some boats having luck, other boats not so much. But either way, the guys pushed through it all….so what will we see this week? Tune in to find out…

But first, as always, an intro….Josh is mentally tired, exhausted, misses his dad and wondering if he’s doing the right thing…lamenting Phil not being there to ask, and then we get clips of Phil talking about everyone wanting a legacy, none of us living forever and him wondering if something happened to him what would happen to his boys….says he never handed them a thing, and made them work for what they had…and it was time to get things together so if something happened to him they’d be set up, saying they earned it after putting up with him all those years. Josh then says it’s time for them to start their own legacy….and then the kick butt Jovi intro…with the ever so fitting of Phil before his sons….

On the Cornelia Marie, Josh doesn’t want to let his dad down, he and Jake want to keep their dad’s legacy alive and the crab count since the move isn’t very good. Two days ago Tony surprised his crew by moving off big numbers to get closer to the processor. Now, the crew is paying the price. Jake says it’s not as easy, now they have to work for it. Tony says they have a ways to go with the gear and they won’t be stopping for a bit….he doesn’t think the crew will like him in another day. Just then you hear Tony telling the crew that sucked and let’s hope that’s the worst string of the year. No sleep, no crab, the honeymoon is over. By daybreak, the men are exhausted and morale is low. The crew hopes Tony knows what he’s doing and right now he’s going north. Another pot is pulled and it’s very light. Tony’s disappointed. Already at rock bottom, the skipper gets more bad news…Ryan yells up he has enough cod for just 15 more pots and that’s it. They don’t’ have enough to even haul that string. F bomb, f bomb again. Tony tells Ryan to communicate with him better, now they have to go get cod. Tells the guys 6.5 miles, they’ll waste two hours getting cod. With two hours of downtime ahead, Josh makes his way to the wheelhouse. Tony says three things you do when a guy messes u. Compliment him so he’ll listen, then address the issue and then tell him you messed up worse. If you’re going to teach them anything, you have to stick to that. Then Ryan comes up, he tells him he’s doing good at bait, but communication is the key b/c they wasted two hours. Ryan gets upset saying they’ve been up 30 hours, they go back and forth a bit, Ryan is very upset saying they have to communicate on these things….and Tony says to make it easy, every string they pull Ryan has to tell him how much bait is left (I think, sorry, missed a second) and as Ryan leaves, Tony laughs saying they skipped step 3. Ryan is pissed to say the least, saying now he has to tell him everything he’s doing.

Onto the Ramblin Rose! Elliott Neese is playing catchup after starting off with breakdowns and low numbers. Everyone else, the other boats, are clearing out, but he’s gambling that the crab are still on these grounds. He has to find the crab, but will he? The first pot comes up…..and it’s a BIG ONE! Way to go Elliott! It’s a crabalanche. Elliott likes what he sees. This will top off their mid-tank for sure. But just then, as they land on the crab….the rpm’s are going but the boat’s not going anywhere, they’re not moving. Uh-oh. He heads down to see what’s going on as the crew continues to pull……as he gets to the engine room he says he’s pretty sure there’s no pro;p left. One of the boats two propellers is gone. Now he’ll have to cut his trip short and crawl to town on one prop. Everything going good and then this. He tells Kado the prop is missing, and a new one has to come up on a barge b/c you can’t air freight a 5K pound prop. He has to call the owner now, it’s a 40K repair and another long delay to the season. Elliott fears the owners could tell him that the season is done for him.

They’ve been shut down for four hours so Elliott can confirm if they lost the prop. It’s a 40K repair that could cost him two weeks of fishing and possibly his captain’s career. While investigating the problem, Elliott makes a discovery. The micro commander cable puts the boat in gear, spinning the propeller and connected to the wheelhouse. Neese will have to do a quick switch with the cable…..Kado watches from deck to see if the prop is in gear and suddenly, it does! He’s fixed it! It went from a 40K bill to a $40 part. They can fish now. The crew gets back to hauling and the credit goes to the young skipper. Way to go Elliott, that’s impressive!

YAY! TIME BANDIT TIME!!! Andy has 150K pounds to catch and 7 days to do it in, they’ve been pulling for 18 hours already. If they can’t catch it quick, they’ll have to grind. The faster they pull, the faster they nap. Eddie Jr. is asked if he wants to work the rail, he joined the crew two weeks ago. It’s been a rough journey. In two weeks he’s seen near misses, horrible weather and pain. At 21 years old he still has a lot to learn from his father. Whoops, it’s Eddie Sr. at the hook, not Junior, my bad. And when they pull, they pull HUGE! The crab are starting to come up. Five hours later, the crew is still shy of Andy’s goal. But no one is complaining, Andy says it’s b/c they’re tired so he calls down to them to stay alert. Another pot comes up with okay numbers. As just then the pot tilts with Scotty at the hydros. As the crew shook out the last few crab, the 800 lb pot came loose from the dogs, nearly crushing the 140 lb Eddie Jr. The pot came straight at him and Mike Fourtner!!! WOW. Eddie Jr. still has a lot to learn on deck, Johnathan wants to send him to pirate school, they say he talks like a choir boy. Johnathan goes out on deck and gives him lessons on how to….well….swear. Drop the f bomb, you dig? Johnathan asks whose wing Jr. wants to be under, his or his dads? His dad changed his diapers, but he writes the check. He tries to get him to call a shovel, a red f’ing shovel, ice removing red f’ing shovel. All the other crew do, but Junior laughingly refuses. In fact, he refuses to say the f’bomb towards anything. Johnathan and Eddie laugh that he won’t swear b/ chis mom would kick his ass.

Now we’re on the Wizard. Keith approaches gear he reset after striking out to the south. He needs to get on hot fishing, fast. Lenny says their time is limited and they have to start catching crab. A pot comes up, and it’s not good at all….Keith says the bait was small on that one, the crab ripped through them and nothing was left to eat. Keith prompts Lynn to show the greenhorn what to do. After 4 years struggling for respect, Lynn’s career is hanging by a string. So Lynn shows the greenhorn how to bait the pot, but he sees an opportunity to make someone else the scapegoat. Danny is getting to the end of his rope, he’s a big strong guy, but this job is different than all others. Lynn and Danny ride each other. Freddie asks Lynn what he told Danny to do that made him “cry” over there. With all eyes on Danny, Lynn is off the radar. Keith says more times than naught the guys break down mentally before they do physically. The Wizard doesn’t accept wimps according to Keith, she’s a cranky broad and doesn’t want sissy’s or babies on deck. After 18 hours, Keith keeps a wary eye on Danny. He says the kid is toast, looks like hell. As Danny crawls on the sorting table, Keith tells him it’s not needed b/c the crab are where they’re supposed to be….and the crew rides him on how to do it. Finally Keith calls down sharply and tells him to get off the table. Then, he goes out on deck with a pillow, what the hell? He puts the pillow on the table and tells him to take a nap b/c that’s all he’s doing. He tells Soper he’s wasting a set of hands too. Lynn loves it. Danny says he doesn’t know what to do b/c he gets yelled at for standing at the bait bin, but also at the table. The crew jokes that Keith is a great motivational speaker, lol.

We’re at the Seabrooke now and they’re being woken up after 3 hours of sleep. Junior says the biggest thing is not getting complacent or lazy and every penny is earned. As the guys hit the deck, Jr’s kid brother Whipper calls him. The guys are literally working as he talks to his woman. The pots are really good too. The crew continues to work without him. Suddenly Jr. notices that his brother is missing and asks Bob where he is….Bob goes in and calls him outside, but Whipper continues on the phone for a bit. As he heads out, it’s not exactly at a fast pace. Junior thinks it was good for him to call home, he’s a newlywed and puts their minds at east. But Whipper is keeping something from his brother, his family comes first and his wife need s him so he has to go. He doesn’t want to let his brother down, or the guys. Junior calls his brother on deck, but he’s in the fore-peak deep in thought.

Over to the Cornelia, Tony says yesterday wasn’t good but he’s still on the hunt. They’re at their furthest east gear and the crab are migrating west to east. Trying to move with the crab and jump ahead of the fleet. As he approaches his easternmost gear, a call from t he Wizard comes in. Keith says Freddie is on wheel-watch and wants to say hi. Yay Freddie! He talks to Tony, and then Josh jumps on. Freddie says the guys are pretty cool but he always appreciated them and they’re always in his heart. He loves them. Says the old man is always around them (Phil). Apologizes for not being there for them and Josh says it’s all good, he has to make money, but to not get too cozy. They’re both crying a bit at this point, Freddie wants to get together when they’re done. Visit Phil, get flowers to him. Josh says after that they’ll go to the casino. Jake says he misses hi, Freddie says to stay out of trouble and for Josh to keep an eye on him. Freddie’s still crying, and they tell each other they love each other. Thanks Disco, make me cry AGAIN! The sun is out now and Josh says the old man is there for him. With tanks to fill, and Tony says if they miss the crab he’s the only one to blame.. He needs to be on the crab right now. The pot comes up….and they’ve hit the JACKPOT! Tony says that takes some pressure off. After three days of low morale and numbers, the CM has hit the motherload. One crewman says it’s a BFD and for us to figure out what that is (big f’ing deal)…Tony says they’re not moving at ALL. The crew is very happy, that’s for sure, and they talk about how they’re working as a team. Jake says the ball is still rolling and he thinks his dad would be happy with what they’re doing. They even joke back and forth.

Back on the Wizard now…..they’re a handful of pots away from filling the boat but there’s not many smiles out there right now. Keith hasn’t seen his crew so beat up that they can’t celebrate filling the boat. Says everyone deserves rack time but right now they have to fill the tanks. Danny hopes for sleep, Keith says he’s pissed b/c he’s working overtime by an hour. Keith says he has to understand there’s a lot of work to do and some days will be 36 hours long. He tells Danny he has to stay out for another string b/c he has a piss poor attitude, being bummed out about working an extra hour. Lynn, again, is loving it while Danny says he didn’t think he has a bad attitude. Monte says Danny is just tired, and Freddy says he has a good attitude, he’s just tired as well. 3 hours later, the greenhorn shift finally ends. He bypasses his bunk for the wheelhouse…and asks about the attitude thing he didn’t think he had. Asked why he was called out for it. Keith says when he’s running around ticked off about losing downtime, and if he can’t work one hour of overtime…then he goes into Keith mode and tells him to shut up. Says when he gets an attitude he drags the crew down, he should enjoy putting almost a million dollars on the boat. Tells Danny not to respond, just think about what he said and get some sleep. Danny wanted to make things right and end it on a good note, but feels like it’s not now. Keith has zero sympathy b/c he figures he made 96K in 8 days. Says his first year there he worked 10 months and made 11.5K. With the tanks close to filled, Danny forgoes his rack time. Danny wants a hand in finishing it out and Keith likes that. Freddy says he is a team player for sure. As day breaks, the crew tops off the boat and ends the trip. The crew says it’s a good day plugging the boat and they have a killer sunrise. They head off to bed.

Now we’re back on the Seabrooke, he’s working both edges of his string. Says about the time you think you have the crab figured out is the time they’re gone. And as they haul, it’s not that bad. Junior’s happy, he says what they’re catching he’ll take, it fills the boat. Whipper calls back up, says his stomach is killing him, it’s torn again with the same injury he got at the end of king crab. He had a debilitating injury to his stomach and claims the pain has returned. Junior isn’t buying it, says it was a pulled stomach muscle, he saw the report and if he goes home b/c of it he can never come back. Whipper knows, says he understands. Junior says he’s watched him all season and has seen no signs of this injury, he’s just not buying it at all. Now he’s ticked and as Whipper heads out, he’s not either. Junior says now, after a phone call with his new wife, he’s hurting and needs to go home. Be a man, do your job. Whipper tells the crew that it is hurting and Junior thinks he’s lying. The crew says if a bone isn’t sticking out, they don’t care. There’s no time for compassion in crab fishing. Junior watches him and says it doesn’t look like he has stomach pain; he’s bluffing, he knows his brother. His friend says he thikns he’s hurting, he wouldn’t stab him in the back. Then Whipper goes off deck, and Junior doesn’t want to mess with him. Says if he’s going to pull it, fine, he leaves for a month and gets homesick. Right now he’s the employee and Junior is the boss, it’s up to him if he’s injured or fired. Junior says he didn’t listen and is getting burned like some warned him he would, by his own brother. As the episode ends, the crew jokes about what Whipper is making for breakfast.

That’s it for this episode.

Time for our weekly feature (only when Disco denies us one of our vet boats)…’s the “Have You Seen Us Because Our Fans Sure Didn’t This Week….It’s Not Where’s Waldo, It’s Where Was The Northwestern This Week?”

BUT….the final word, as always, has to go to that great mullet haired Teddy Bear up with the Big Man right now…

R.I.P Phil. We’ll always miss you.

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Thank you, dear Yak, for another insightful and well-written recap. Even if I watch an episode, I still come here to read the "review" and I am never disappointed!
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YAY! I'm glad you like it!
R.I.P Captain Phil

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