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Default Top Chef: All Stars - Happy B-Day Jimmy Fallon!

Welcome to another edition of your Top Chef All Stars recap! Tonight we cover Episode 9, so if you missed it, you’re in luck! So sit back, relax, and read on!

We started off tonight with Antonia being toasted on her win, and Dale talking about his dish being the worst thing he’d made all season. Crushing to hear his food was bland.
Fabio didn’t want to believe that Antonia made an Italian dish, said her mussels were more of a French dish. Mike admitted he was a sore loser, chiding Antonia as well
for having a French dish.

So, the chefs walk into the kitchen and see fondue pots. It’s the Quickfire challenge! Their challenge, obviously, is to make fondue. Padma told them to be creative,
make a unique fondue, not a 70′s banana and chocolate dish. The judge for this challenge? Each other. Antonia isn’t sure about this, lamenting that the chefs wouldn’t’ be honest.
The chefs were told they couldn’t vote for themselves, and had to vote for their favorite. Oh, and immunity is gone for good. But the winner does win a 3 day trip to
Napa Valley!

But what does Blais do? Make what Padma says not to, chocolate and banana, however he says it will have a twist. Other chefs mirrored what Antonia said, wondering
if people would vote honest or vote for their friends. Angelo took on way too much and said he wanted to throw his out. Time for judging. Blais introduced his chocolate/banana
dish with, of course, liquid nitrogen. Blais said Tiffany’s apple fritter and chocolate was too pedestrian. Apparently doing what the judges said not to, as he did, was okay though. *scratches head*

What’s funny is Antonia was the one to say people wouldn’t judge fair, but she immediately had harsh critiques for Mike’s dish, whom she has been at odds with. Blais then said
he should win, but since there’s no judge he’s not sure if people are going to “get” his dish.

Fabio, Tiffany and Mike’s dishes were voted least fave. Dale voted Mike on the bottom and immediately started laughing, said he didn’t care for the spice. Mike proceeded to call him
and f’ing monkey. Tiffany disagreed with her judgment too. the favorite dishes were Antonia, Dale and Angelo. He was surprised, knows he could’ve done better. Blais
cried about not getting a lot of love, said they were scared of him stylistically. The winner was………… Dale!!!

The chefs were then told to go to Rockefeller center, where they’d be told about their next challenge. NBC studios, studio audience is heard as they head inside. You see Dr. Oz’s sign, and it’s Jimmy*Fallon! They’re playing “Cell Phone Shootout”! The chefs walk in, totally confused, then amazed once they see where they are! The Elimination Challenge, they pull out
cell phone cameras, take pics of things that flash by fast and whatever they take a picture of is what they have to cook for him. Antonia and Fabio are up first. WOW, the
pictures fly by fast! He tells them to shoot, and Antonia gets beef tongue! Fabio gets…..hamburger with french fries! Double lol! Problem is, Fabio can’t say “burger”.

The other chefs are shown taking pictures, pulled pork and Ramen noodles are a couple of the dishes they’re assigned. Carla nearly has a heart attack of glee with her chicken
pot pie. They shop that night, and have tow hours to cook the next day. Jimmy hates mushrooms, mayo and something else I didn’t catch.
Watching Antonia butcher up a big giant tongue from a cow……………yuk. Carla who had previously freaked out happily over getting chicken pot pie later seemed to struggle
with it. Jimmy Fallon, his wife, in-laws and his family join the judges at the table as the chefs head into their final minutes of cooking.

Time to eat!!! By the way, they’re at Collichio’s restaurant. Antonia and Fabio are up first. Fabio’s burger was said to be good, but like a meat loaf. Others thought
there wasn’t the normal juiciness you should have in a burger. Fallon liked Antonia’s beef tongue, as did the others. Next up…..Tiffany and Blais, who got Ramen Noodles.

Blais got good marks, but Fallon lamented the lack of flair from his dish. Tiffany got props for using lime, however others said it was a bit too spicy. Carla and Dale were
up after that. Dale got marks for presentation, but his sandwich was said to have way too much salt. Carla’s dish was said to be comforting, and Tom couldn’t stop to comment
he liked it so much. Angelo was very confident with his dish, which was served along with Mike’s. Angelo hit a home run with his pulled pork sandwich, but Mike’s sausage
and peppers got great reviews too. The chef’s then presented Jimmy with a cake, singing Happy Birthday to him. The winner of this challenge, the chefs were told, would get
a cooking spot on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon!

Time for judges table! Carla, Angelo and Antonia were called in first. They were told that their dishes were the top dishes of the night! They were all complimented on
the originality and tastefulness of their dishes. Jimmy gave Carla the best compliment by saying he could feel the love put into her dish. Antonia was complimented on the
great job she did with a tough dish, the beef tongue. Then the three judges sang an original song about “Beef Tongue” which had me rolling. Jimmy then told them the winner,
and future guest on his show was………..CARLA! That’s her third win of the season, and she also got a 6 night trip to Tokyo!!! Plus, $5 grand for airfare. Third win, third trip
so far this season. Hilarious!

She then asked Tiffany, Fabio and Dale, who dropped an F Bomb, to go in. Blais said it was funny to see his colleagues get worked up about Carla’s third win, but it’s what happens in the end that
matters. Hey jealousy. Tiffany was told her dumplings were too thin, Fabio didn’t make a real burger and his cheese on the side was too grainy. Dale was told he was the “salt
monster”. (Sidenote: Please don’t send Fabio home!).

So, who leaves tonight? Not Enough Dumpling, Not a Burger Or Saltmonster? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Fabio, Not A Burger was told to pack his knives and go!!

I wanted to see Saltmonster leave, his attitude sucked. Boohoo, that sucks. Next week, let’s hope the chefs can tell us how to get, how to get to Sesame Street, or Target, both are shown
in the preview. Have I said I want Fabio back?

Do you agree? Who would you have rather seen leave tonight? Come join us in the FORUM and let us know!

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