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Yakcrazy My Poor Ironing Board

Blog by Kasey

Yes, I said Ironing Board. Such a mundane thing really. No one really thinks about these things much anymore. We buy our clothes anti-wrinkle for the most part these days, or throw them in the dryer for a hopefully quick straighten, but we all still have a couple of things that will need the iron.

I used to have this heavy ironing board I inherited from my grandmother. It was probably at least 60 years old when it finally died. In my grandma’s time, it was used A LOT. First, they wore more nicer clothes more of the time back then which all needed pressing. No sweats and hoodies for them to go out in. Suits, ties, dresses, you know, back when everyone tried to look nice pretty much all of the time. That era now long gone, the ironing board has become one of those items that for most people sees the light of day once a month if lucky. In this house, not even that often.

Still, it was sad to see it go if only because I know my grandmother’s hands had worked it. So, about 3 years ago, I had to buy another. I bought it online like I do most items these days, especially mundane items like this. Lord knows I shouldn’t have to step out of the house for anything. It was definitely not what I was expecting. This was CHEAP. It was very light, not real sturdy, wobbly and every time I needed to take it out I felt like I needed to put the iron down carefully for it may not even take that weight.

Fast forward to yesterday. My husband, trying to put it away, pulled the little lever that makes it fold up. The lever just broke right off. Really? The lever came off? The lever itself was an easy pull normally, so it wasn’t as if it was strong armed off… no, it just went “click” off. Alright he thought, I guess he better figure out another way to fold this thing. He pulled whatever little things that used to be attached to the lever to make the thing fold and began to apply a little pressure to get the thing down, and I mean very little pressure. That’s when the legs buckled under it’s own weight. No, the legs didn’t fold like they were supposed to, they bent. They bent as easily as a T-shirt folds just about. Just…. bent. This certainly wasn’t grandma’s ironing board!

Next thing I see is this ironing board flying across a room like a frisbee. Hey, it was as light as one so why not? Course, it didn’t seem to have the aerodynamics of one. It was big, clumsy and still open. I knew I shouldn’t laugh at that moment, but seeing this thing fly across the room… and husband so frustrated at this horribly made inanimate object, well… was funny. I couldn’t help it. Sorry husband. (Not sure my laughter was too welcomed at that exact moment.) The ironing board did retaliate against me for my laughter though when the lever found my foot a couple of hours later.

I kept thinking… Grandma’s lasted at least 60 years, and this 3? So I set out to try and find myself a new ironing board. This time, I was going to try and do this right. Something of decent weight and strength.

Let’s start with ironing boards aren’t cheap, price wise. The one I had that lasted 3 whole years (at say, a once every 3 month use) wasn’t cheap either. It was at least $40 for that piece of… well… you know. So I knew this wasn’t going to be an inexpensive journey to try and find one that has some staying power. On top of that, I decided I would try to find one ‘Made in America’. Yes, I always try and find things made here if I can. I started my search on Amazon, but it’s not easy to search for ‘Made in America’ as a search term there, so Google it was. A simple search for “Ironing Board Made in America” led to a lot of articles, mainly about how there is only one company left manufacturing ironing boards in the U.S.A. One. Located in Indiana, “Homz”. (Really America? We can’t make our own ironing boards anymore? That’s disappointing.) Article after article was about the imported from China ironing boards, the .03 cents a day workers building these things over there, etc. At .03 a day, I’m really not sure how these things will be quality items, but what do I know I guess.

So one company it is, that’s where my search will begin. Hopefully this one company is making a decent sturdy ironing board that should, with the amount of use it gets around here, last me at least a decade, or shall I say decades, rather than say, 20 ironing sessions. Really, even with the price and ‘Made in America’ mantra, I’m skeptical. Everything made these days seems ready to break on purchase so you need another soon. Like Televisions. My grandma had her “tube” TV for a really long time. You know, the big sets that sit in a cabinet on the floor? Heck, she even had “TV Insurance.” She must have really loved her Television! The new sets, most need replacing in 5 years at most. I guess the all mighty dollar is worth more than quality nowadays, but I digress…

As far as the ironing board is concerned, hopefully this next one will have some aerodynamics built in, just in case.
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Shiny Beige (02-24-2014)
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LOL TK My step dad made my mom one out of wood & it doubles as a seat & step stool it is heavy but has survived a passel of kids & still woors like a champion.....she made the cover for it herself & updates that as her decor changes

my son is 22 & it was made when he was about a year old
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With any luck at all, it will be adequate. And, thank you for this. I have been thinking about getting a new ironing board is old, noisy and boring and I want something new and fun with bells and whistles.

You've convinced me to be grateful for my old, sturdy, noisy board. Maybe I'll even use it this month ... or next month.
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I would love to spend a day in TKs mind. It seems like a scary world.
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