Celebrity Apprentice You're Fired! Who will be the next Celebrity Apprentice? Mondays 8/7c on NBC!

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Default Celebrity Apprentice - The BEST Season?

The beginning was interesting how the show started out by two guys rolling out a Red Carpet for THE DONALD as he walked down the NY street. However, having the most successful charity earnings ever in history (over $3mil), I think I can agree, he earned it. The “running out of carpet, your fired” comment was funny!

For you Facebookers, I have to say “LIKE”! I think this was an amazing duo to battle it out in the end. Not for the drama, but well deserved brain work. Great finals!

THE TASK……continued from last week.
Recap: John chose the ‘80s and Marlee chose the ‘70s era. John was given Def Leppard for his 80’s show and Marlee had the Harlem Globetrotters. Both had to come up with a theme for 7UP and use their era on a can and also use their given star celebrities to decide the winner.

John pulled in 80’s icon Dee Snider from Twisted Sister for their 7UP commercial, which is just frightening, however, who does not remember the guy? Good move, John! Also John’s team came up with a very catchy 80’s themed 7UP can with a zebra striped look.

Marlee was able to bring in 70’s 7UP icon, Jeffrey Holder. Who would not recognize that voice? Total score, Marlee!

Of course there is always drama in the finale shows…otherwise it would not be worth watching, right?
Marlee’s icon Jeffrey Holder’s attorney, was having issues with signing the contract. Thanks to Meatloaf, he pulled it off and signed him up!
John Rich was having struggles getting in touch with Def Leppard. He waited, waited, waited…FINALLY the band showed up for rehearsal. OMG sorry…but as a past lover of the band, they looked SAD! OLD….wow….old and like they could not afford to have their hair done. Heck, they are guys, maybe they didn’t even notice! At least Marlee’s Jeffrey showed up in style!

Mr. Trump brought out the entire cast for this season, and of course Nene could not shut up. But, is that what we love about her? Richard Hatch is back in jail? Gary Busey was just lost. He is VERY entertaining, but dude, stop circling the airport and bring it in for a landing! Watching the cast was quite entertaining and also endearing.

John Rich got an initial donation for St. Judes Children Hospital of $25,000 from the Melting Pot Restaurant. He also got a donation for a whopping $250,000 donation from an unannounced business for St. Judes.

Marlee’s team pulled off a fun commercial and also a fun design of the 7UP can design to exemplify the 70’s and also showcasing the Globe Trotter show in honor of her charity the Starkey Hearing Foundation!
John had a problem with his 80’s era band Def Leppard since the initial show ended before the band was supposed to start. John took over and entertained the group himself until the band showed up. Did he pull it off?
BOTH commercials and can designs were enjoyed by the 7UP exec’s and the crowd. So much so, you will see BOTH 7UP can styles on the shelves in your local grocery store! Get one of both and save them!!!!
Mr. Trump and his “peeps” were a bit miffed about John’s team not greeting any one of importance at the front door for the performance.
Def Leppard came out and rocked the crowd!

After Mr. Trumps interview with the exec’s at 7UP, it was decided this was a very close event. I have to agree. Personally, I did not know who would win.

John Rich….YOU ARE HIRED!!!!!!

Congratulations to both for the most profitable and exciting season!!!!

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I'm no Trump fan but I really like the dynamics of the people on the show, seeing how they do on the tasks and all that stuff and I agree. I think this was a great season, and the final two were great as well.

I am glad about John Rich winning, I wanted him to and aside from that time mess up for Def Leppard thought he was consistent throughout the season.
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Great season. Just finished watching the finale, actually. I think both of them could have won and I would have been happy. I was partial to John Rich because I do think he did a little more throughout the season as a whole, but that doesn't say Marlee didn't. She did her fair share and it showed! Star needs to get over herself, I'm glad NeNe didn't let her finish her damn sentence. Seriously? She wanted to make this racial? That's bull.
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I love john rich anyway but they were both good,
However my favorite season was last season when brett won.

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