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Top Chef Congrats to Joe!

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Default Top Chef: All Stars - Episode 6 - We're Gonna Need A Bigger Boat

So here we are again, the chefs are reeling from Casey’s departure. Jamie gave Casey props for having the balls to buy chicken’s feet. Antonia remarked on how much Jamie drove her nuts, Marcel was stewing over how few plates Dale cooked for the judges. This continued into the evening, with Marcel, Tre and Dale on the roof. Marcel said he embraces the challenges and makes good for the people, Dale said it was useless since the challenge was over…..F bombs flew back and forth, methinks Wolverine was a bit drunk as he was doing a bad Eminem impression. Dale was impressive in keeping his cool, Tre remarked off camera that Marcel was an asshole, lol.**

The chefs were woken up the next morning, and it was still dark out. They walked into the kitchen and Padma wasn’t there, but there was an envelope and map. They find out then they’re going to Montauk! Plug for Toyota here as the chefs mention the car they go out in. Nice complimentary shots of the cars too They get to the lighthouse and there’s Padma and Tom! It’s the most popular fishing spot in NY and yup, they’re going fishing! Tom explains all the types of fish there is to catch, their elimination challenge is to catch as many fish as they can in 5 hours and cook for 200 people on the beach, they cook in four teams. Jamie, Tiffany F and Antonia are on one. Mercifully Dale and Marcel are not on a team. Then they find out it’s a double elimination challenge. Teams 1 and 3 go out on one boat, 2 and 4 on another boat. Oh, there is no Quickfire challenge btw.*

Mike, Angelo, Tiffany D are on Team 2. Marcel, Richard Blaise and Fabio on another. We find out “Jaws” has scarred Angel for life, lol. Fabio seems to know quite a bit about fishing. Dale, Carla and Tre make up the final team. (I like these teams!). They have guides on their boats to help them fish. Carla’s never held a fishing rod in her life. Dale is the first to catch a fish! But can he reel it in? Yes he can! No luck yet on the other boat, but Antonia strikes on her team and man, she freaks when she pulls it in! Now they’re coming in at a steady pace. 2 hours in and the other boat hasn’t caught one yet, Fabio isn’t striking gold.

*We’re back, the guys on the second boat still are fishless. They have two hours to go. The first boat is catching fish after fish like they’re Tic Tacs. Ominous music plays and finally Fabio and Mike both get a bite at nearly the same time! Then they started coming in one after another and they were BIG fish!!!*

Then we got a really nice shot of Angelo and his underwear hanging out of his jeans. Marcel is shown reeling a huge one in, needing help from Fabio and Blaise, it was a crazy weird shot. Dale throws his line in and it shoots off, you can see the strain in him and the fish he pulls in is MASSIVE striped bass. As they head back to shore the teams do some mini-planning for the menu. Richard says the key to managing Marcel is letting him think he’s developing the menu.. he, Fabio and Marcel decide to do one dish, thinking it’d be harder for the judges to find two people to eliminate from that.**

Off to the local farmer’s market, fun! They have 30 minutes, and $150 to shop. Blaise and Fabio are like the Odd Couple, it’s hilarious watching them bumble about the market. Carla caught two blue fish, she says they’re a trashy, oily fish and has a hard time at first finding something to balance that. Another obligatory “what a nice car” shot for the sponsors as they head back. Tre says his wife gave him permission not to miss his family while he’s gone, but he does anyways, it was very cute.*

Next morning the chefs go back and have 2 hours to cook. Jamie immediately delves into issue after issue with the sand, how hot it is, etc. Others remark about how much she whines and complains about every little thing (and man, trust me, she does!). Jamie says the team aspect is less important b/c everyone’s out for themselves, so their own dish is most important.*

Marcel talks about their allocation of tasks, that they put Fabio up front to plate and such. Fabio says there is no rock star w/out the backstage people and that’s what he was in this challenge, prepping. Blaise remarks on Marcel doing just one dish, but that it has seven elements, he regrets doing just the one and thinks he should have ieinterjectedand done two.*

The teams continue cooking, and it becomes clear that sand is a tiny issue, with the wind blowing it into the food. Tom comes up, stops at the Fabio/Marcel/Blaise table and is told they only caught one type of fish, and are doing just one dish. He wonders if it’s a disadvantage, Fabio says it won’t fail; Blaise remarks off screen that it’s not good if Tom comes up with a thought like that. Tom raised eyebrows at Dale not making his tortillas from scratch. Tom gives Tiffani F a look in her blue fish, she remarks it’s a fresh fish and the impression is that it’s not a good fish at all.*

Blaise keeps on Fabio’s back about getting one thing done after another, Fabio obviously is irritated by it, says he loves Blaise to death but he’s going to have a heart attack if he keeps going that way.*

The sun starts to set and they’re at the tail end of cooking. The Blaise/Fabio/Marcel team are in panic mode, full on. They have one minute to plate now, it’s a frenzy! Here come the diners and they come in thick and quick, lol. The chefs laugh and joke as they serve the diners, then the judges come in. Blaise/Fabio/Marcel are the first team visited. They then go to Dale/Carla/Tre. They have their own dishes, not just one. F/M/B’s dish, the beans were deemed a bit overcooked and the foam didn’t need to be there. Dale’s taco was complimented by having it on top of the tortilla. Carla’s fish was good too. Tre took a chance by sauteing but the judges said it was well cooked.*

Jamie, of course, has an issue with her fish and the judges show up before she can fix it (or so it seems). The judges say that T/M/A blue fish was nice, but that there were competing flavors. Jamie’s dish was said that the cucumber water on it’s own was good but redundant with her dish. Antonia’s dish was said to be courageous. Padma wanted more acidity in Tiffani’s dish. The judges then asked the diners what their thoughts were.*

Jamie remarks that the Blaise/Fabio/Marcel team doing one dish is a cop out (never mind the fact that most of her dishes, when she actually cooked, sucked big time). Back to judges table now, the chefs are sweating it out about two people going home.*

In walks Padma and she asks to see Dale, Carla, Tre, Tiffany D., Mike and Angelo. Their teams had the favorite dishes of the night!! The winner gets a trip to Amsterdam. They’re told it was the kind of food they wanted to eat in the beach environment they were in. The winner is……..CARLA!!! Wow, she’s got a trip to Italy AND now Amsterdam, dang! Carla is naturally excited when she comes back, but Marcel remarks he has to contain his excitement b/c he’s on the bottom, Carla says she shouldn’t have been so excited after they go in, but others say not to feel bad.**

Richard, Fabio, Marcel, Jamie, Antonia and Tiffani F. are on the bottom. Blaise/Fabio/Marcel were asked why do one dish, Blaise says b/c in the last challenge they were told they didn’t act as a team. They seemed cohesive when they were questioned, with an exception of Tom asking if Blaise didn’t trust Fabio by continually challenging them. They were told their dish was heavy and texturally problematic. Antonia was told her dish probably would’ve won if she’d been on a different team b/c the other dishes were very weak. Jamie was questioned about her cucumber water, told it seemed washed out and bland with no flavor. Tiffani was told the bloodline being left on her fish was bad, and her dish was out of proportion. Antonia was put in a position of throwing her teammates under the bus a bit, crying and saying she didn’t want to see anyone going home. Deliberation time.**

There was a great deal of back and forth between all of those on the bottom. Jamie went on and on about how the other team did a composed restaurant dish, not a beach dish. Personal comment here, if she doesn’t get sent home this week I’ll eat that mucous fish Angelo decided not to use last week.

The chefs were brought back in, Antonia was slightly chided for not giving her teammates some critical feedback. Each chef was given critiques for their dishes. Jamie had her usual defiant stance. The chefs leaving tonight are………….TIFFANI F. AND JAMIE. Thank GOD for Jamie leaving, sucks for Tiffani though. BUT my Wolverine Marcel is still in, as is Fabio so I’m happy. Jamie left saying she was fine with her dish, of course, she never owns up to fault.*

Next week show………..YEAH, RESTAURANT WARS!!! Mike and Marcel are seen getting into it, Fabio is front of the house. Fabio and Dale go at it too, after Dale chews out one of the servers. Can’t wait to see it! Tell us what you think in our forum*here !

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