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Top Chef Congrats to Joe!

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Default Top Chef: All Stars - Episode 2 - A Night At The Museum With Tiger Beat

This episode starts off with the chefs sitting around stunned at the elimination. Marcel remarked that for Elia to go, anyone could go. Richard whined about the “technicality” that kept his dish from winning…………um, Richard, that “technicality” was a rule that’s been longstanding on the show! Fabio spoke more about Bourdain’s remarks about his dish, saying talk about his food and “be nice”……love ya Fabio, but be nice?!?

Sigh. The chefs showed up for the Quickfire challenge and Tiger Beat has met Top Chef. Joe Jonas of the Jonas brothers was there. Funny moment ensues when some of the chefs don’t know who he is. Sleepover at a museum with Joe being the surprise guest and Joe decides which dish will be served to the kids sleeping over. Challenge is that the snack is put in a brown paper bag, no utensils or plates are going to be used. Interesting! The chefs had 45 minutes to cook. Dale remarks he’s making crack for small children. And immediately chefs cries of “Sugar! Sugar! I need the sugar!”. The other Dale snakes all the sugar, which is the reason for the cries. Marcel is happy to cook for kids, I guess my cute little Wolverine’s mom used to cook for his school so cooking for kids makes him happy. Tiffani affirmed that she was a complete bleephole in her season when she talked about the low palete of a 10 year old. Richard reached back to his liquid nitrogen days. Oh look, baby pics of the chefs as they talk about what they’re doing! Dale wanted to lace his dish with Nyquil to get the kids to pass out. And the judging begins…..Dale L’s “10 Year Old Rave” was particularly amusing. Dale T did skip the Nyquil in his dish. Some of the ingredients these chefs used, man, I’m not sure…..chocolate lasagna, seriously?!?

Joe’s least favorites were Tiffani D’s dish, saying it was messy. Mike’s chocolate wasn’t strong enough he remarked. Last one was Stephen, said the mint wasn’t strong enough, the stuff in between the cookie wasn’t good. His faves were Spike and Tiffani, at a tie. To choose a winner they’re going to the museum to let the kids decide. Children scare Dale L., he says they’re called brats for a reason. And his viability as a potential mate sinks lower still.

Spike and Tiffani have to make their snack, pass it out at the museum and find out who the kids like more. It’s Tiffani’s sugar bomb vs. Spike’s chips. They have to make 150 of their snacks and need help from other chefs. Poor Fabio was last and chose Spike’s team, Fabio says people underestimate him. They have 2 hours to cook. Dale L is happy with how the teams work out, his team is the Spice Girls and a bodyguard. Spike repeatedly calls out to Fabio, yet as “Fabian”. Dale T. says asking him to help Spike and his dish is like asking him to make dinner without getting the groceries.

We’re off to the American Natural History Museum, what a cool place to sleepover as a kid! They set up their bags on a long table, and it’s going to be between salty or sweet. The kids get one of each bag. Spike says the only way he’ll win is if he campaigns to the kids. Remember, kids are brutally honest so this should be interesting. Jamie won’t campaign to kids, she has no interest in having them either. As they ate, some of the kids looked like they were literally going to explode and when Joe Jonas came out, I think a few actually did. Joe asks the kids for help, tell him which snack they liked the best. Red team got a few cheers, but not many whatsoever! Man, scorned! The blue team won overwhelmingly, Tiffani from Season 1 gets immunity. Lesson learned, when it comes to kids, just throw a bunch of sweet stuff together in one big ball, cover it with chocolate and you’ve got a sure winner.

Tom Colicchio shows up next. Tells them their Elimination Challenge starts right there at the museum. They have to make a great dish out of dinsaur fossils. Kidding. We got a commercial before we got the challenge. Their real challenge is that they’re joining the sleepover. To say they weren’t enthused would be an understatement. They have to create a breakfast service for the kids and their parents at 7 a.m. They only get to cook what they find in the museum kitchen. One team is T-Rex (Meat and Dairy), one team (Brontosaurus) can only cook with fruits and veggies. There’s a winning team and losing team, one person from the losing team will be eliminated.

Jen immediately determines that if they win, they’re buddies, if they lose they can go after each other’s throats. The chefs then delve into wish lists, since they don’t know what will be in the pantry. This viewer was impressed with the fact that after all that sugar, the children actually got to sleep. Marcel and others went on a flashlight tour, taking this once in a lifetime opportunity. They walk around checking out the exhibits, at 3 a.m. Morning arrives, and there’s a TON of fruits and veggies there. The meat group has a TON to choose from too, this museum is stocked with food, but there’s meat only for Team T-Rex, no herbs, etc. No sausages either. They can’t use flour either. Team Brontosaurus seemed to have the upper hand when it came to ingredients. Jamie is working on her part of the dish when she slices through her thumb and is told she has to have stitches. Another blow to Team T-Rex. Fabio talks about how when he sliced his hand he didn’t get stitches, which is true and his injury seemed worse (during his season).

Dale T. and Mike wanted to make a cake but it wouldn’t cook up, so they decided to go with a straight up polenta. What’s a polenta? Spike and Fabio go back and forth about Fabio’s gnocchi and how it should be cooked. We get our customary back and forth commentary from each side about how the other side’s dishes are going to suck. Cooking is done, now it’s time for the setup. They have an hour to do it, let the scrambling begin, no pun intended. Angelo remarks that the plums are too large in Marcel’s dish, and the next thing he knew Carla was slicing the plums per Angelo’s direction.

Jamie reappears at the point of setup, with two whole stitches. Dale L. talked about how he chopped off a large part of his thumb a few years ago and duct taped it up, didn’t seem like many chefs were pleased she was gone so long for those two stitches. The children/parents appear! They ask for eggs and bacon, and it didn’t look like they were receptive to what they had to offer at first. The host of the first season of Top Chef when Katie Lee shows up as the guest judge. I liked the look of Spike and Carla’s “V-9″ dish from Team Brontosaurus. The eating begins. Fabio’s gnocchi got good reviews, and Fabio got a “you’re terrific” from what looks like a grandma. The parfait of Angelo/Marcel/Richard got good reviews as well. Casey and Tre’s salmon got nice remarks as well, except the sauce had some saltiness to it. The judges gathered alone after they ate….the kid’s issues were they didn’t like veggies, go figure.

The chefs gather in the deliberation room, Tiffani talked about how she thought her choice would have more of the ingredients, Marcel remarked that she did have the advantage because she got to choose. Team Brontosaurus was called in first, Team T-Rex immediately shreds them to pieces since they think they lost. Jen Carroll says she cooks for herself, no one else. Judges table begins, Team Brontosaurus are congratulated on being the winning team, yay, my cute Wolverine Marcel is safe! The parfait dish is complimented, as is the gnocchi. Katie, the guest judge, says the favorite dish was the Banana Parfait! Angelo, Marcel and Richard win! Yippee!!! They’re told to send back Team T-Rex. They head in looking like they need a LOT of fiber laxatives. Tiffani says she thought the choice of one or the other without explanation of what they would get to cook with wasn’t much of a choice, she’s reminded that the challenge was adaptability. Colicchio says Tiffani and Antonia’s dish was raw. The steak dish was called out, Tiffani (Season 1) and Richard L, as well. Tre said he knew his dish was overdone and salty. Padma asked Jen why she seemed pissed off, she felt they didn’t deserve to be there, said she thought her team was better. The judges said the other team took an inventive approach, more so than them. Colicchio asks about the plating, Jen says they’re the judges, they should be smart enough to ask for another plate, Tom says he is, but they should be too. The stitches are brought up, Jen didn’t throw Jamie under the bus. Padma felt the egg got lost in Jen/Jamie’s dish, Jen was defensive to say the least……apparently she cannot take a critique to save her life, I don’t remember her season….was she like this then too? In the sit and wait room Jen says she wasn’t this way on her season, this is Jen All Stars. Tiffani/Dale were deemed safe immediately before they were even brought back. Jen/Jamie’s dish was deemed to be very bland and the texture was off. The judges didn’t know where to put Jamie either considering she was gone most of the time.

Back at the Judges Table goes Team T-Rex. They’re told it was a difficult challenge, but they’re kidding themselves if they thought it’d be easy. Tiffani and Dale L are sent back immediatly to be safe. Tom reminds Jen that her defense doesn’t make the dish better. The chef eliminated tonight was…………Jen. She laughs and I cheer. She says she’s shocked, syas her bacon and eggs was a great dish, maybe she was too strong and vocal for them. She doesn’t know why she’s going home. Her dad always said that second place is still losing (nice example there, set your kid up to be afraid to fail). She feels robbed and doesn’t think it’s right. With her remark about her father, it doesn’t surprise me anymore about her “I was supposed to be in the f’ing final, I wans’t supposed to leave this f’ing early, not even f’ing close.” Woh! Two chefs leave next week! Stay tuned folks and tell us what you think in our forum**here !

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